A Shot in the Dark

by Eric Fomley

I sipped my morning dark roast and flipped through the paper to the ‘Science’ section. The headline read: Is Time Travel a Possibility in Near Future? It was the final part of a week-long series I’d followed. I perused the data, captivated by the conclusion, my mind made up.

I grabbed my briefcase and jacket for work, making a point to retrieve my Colt .45 from the nightstand.

On the way to the office I stopped by the park, central to all the major buildings in the city. I checked to make sure I was alone, then duct-taped my .45 to the bottom of the bench by the treeline.

When I got to the office, I announced an office-wide meeting, which lasted all morning. Being CEO has its perks. I made it believable of course, discussed Oden industries, our biggest competitor, and the company’s recent downswing in sales.

After the meeting, I headed up to my office and passed the time crunching numbers.

At 11:38, just before lunch, several police officers burst into the building with their guns drawn, shouting orders over one another. They converged on me.

I raised my hands above my head. “What seems to be the problem officers?” I made my voice shake, hiding the thrill of my success.

“You’re under arrest for the murder of James Oden. Your DNA and registered handgun were found at the scene this morning.”

I didn’t resist them. Something told me the meeting room full of employees at the time of Oden’s death would be a perfect alibi. Call it a hunch. I’m just glad I will be able to remember where I put the gun.


Eric Fomley lives in a small town in Indiana where he works as a manager at a large retail facility. He is a student of History, Philosophy, and English writing with a passion for speculative fiction. His work has appeared in various venues. He is the editor of the forthcoming anthologies Timeshiftand Drabbledark.You can find his work on his website ericfomley.com and follow him on twitter.