Satellite Serenade

By Tianna G. Hansen

They watch the satellite circle their home planet, trapped by the swing of gravity. Gravity controls all, wrapping even their hearts in its pull. Nothing could break them free.

The satellite twirls, flips in the air and somersaults. A wild metallic flash—the sun’s rays reflect off its crescent wings to blind them momentarily. Bright spots flicker across their eyes in strange patterns.

They are held in gravity’s hand as the satellite dances. If they listen closely, they can almost hear the sound of it floating through the air, feather-stepping in gravity’s arms and whistling a sullen serenade.

Tianna G. Hansen has been writing since childhood and continues spreading awareness of trauma, particularly sexual assault & abuse. YANYR is her first anthology with plans for many more at her indie press, Rhythm & Bones. Learn more at or check out her work at Check her and R&B out on Twitter: @tiannag92, @RhythmBonesLit.