Welcome to Exoplanet

Welcome to our dream, where voices of all backgrounds and identities will define a new orbit.

The spark of this dream began the day we met four years ago, when we were both in our idealistic late-twenties and questioning what it really meant to live on this earth. We connected over a love of fiction—especially fiction dealing with notions of identity—and heart coffee. We discovered that ultimately, we were both of the opinion that what isolates each of us is actually a great commonality, and this is where our friendship started.

After years of talk over brunches, urban walking adventures, and many a beer, we decided to launch Exoplanet, a web-based journal of speculative fiction that seeks to provide a platform for diverse voices from across this weird little world of ours. Through this process of coming together, it is our hope that we will all find a common language to share how our differences make us who we are.

We were inspired by special issues of established magazines, but more than anything we wanted to provide a sustainable venue for diverse voices that writers can rely on to be open and welcoming to their work and that readers can be sure to see themselves in. To keep it sustainable, we are starting off small with virtually no budget and a staff of two. But although we are small in size, our goal is big: to invite both readers and writers to discover a place to be heard.

And so we’re excited to share with you ten stories by writers of various identities from around the world—stories of robots, witches, social media mishaps, space ships, and more. And while the stories in this issue cover a diverse range of topics, we hope you’ll find a little piece of yourself in each of them.


Your friendly neighbourhood editors,

Kate Grisim & Will J Fawley